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About JOLLY 3

JOLLY Three is The final mobile game in the Jolly series, it is split up into Two Chapters.

Years after JOLLY Two and presumably months after JOLLY 1,an indie entertainment company sets out on a mission to uncover the mysteries of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza This Halloween, they will begin a horror attraction called "Fazbear's Fright" featuring ancient and original artifacts from the childhood memories that should never be spoken again.

JOLLY 3: Chapter 1This time, they set out space to space to find more stuff to place in their attraction. Their 1st target is in an abandoned factory where Jolly Entertainment used to be in! Conspiracy theorists nationwide are more than hyped and are hoping to find clues that will unwrap this mystery once and for all.

The Camera panel is self explanatory. It allows you to see each room (minus the 2 rooms on both sides of the office) in the building. Every camera has its own fan. These fans can and will break during your shift. When a fan breaks, a beeping sound is audible. As this occurs, your vision will slowly darken, until you can't see much. To counter this, you must quickly find the camera who's fan is broken and hit the "repair fan" button. This will fix the fan.

If you click the wrench icon, you will be able to see the maintenance screen. This screen allows you to track oxygen and gas supply, along with giving you the ability to repair the gas system.

The Office:
The office is resembling the office from FNAF2 just with a FNAF Sister Space look to it. There are windows to the left and right of you, that can be looked though by clicking the light button below them.

There is a lever on the left half of the office that activates a pipe above you. This pipe excretes gas meant to shock animation circuits. If any animatronics happen to obtain into your office, this lever will obtain rid of them. However, the gas will cause you to lose some oxygen supply, so it isn't recommended to pull the lever if a fan breaks.

Enjoy JOLLY 3: Chapter One

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